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Digital Transformation is Impacting Your Customers: How Will You Respond?

Digital Transformation is Impacting Your Customers: How Will You Respond?
January 15, 2019

All salespeople and business development managers have one thing in common:

They crave a closer working relationship with their customers. 

But guess what? 

Savvy buyers and supply chain managers are actually seeking out suppliers who have upped their game. They want salespeople who are moving with today’s digital world, not just a subordinate supplier who reacts to their needs. Most importantly, buyers expect a far more equal relationship with their salespeople than before, one where closer relationships result in better value for the customer (and hopefully, for their suppliers, too). 

Digital transformation in all parts of businesses in driving massive change - especially in sales and business development. One huge area in this relationship is how best to capture (and supply) information and make it available to customers and suppliers at the right time. More and more businesses are using automated solutions to streamline their processes, are you?

How to add value to your customer/supplier relationships


Are you planning 5-10 years ahead, to ensure that your organisation is ready to meet the increasing demands of your customers? Digital transformation takes many forms, across your business. Tero-Jussi Teppo, VP of Purchasing and Logistics at Prima Power, talks about how he’s working to improve customer/supplier relationship in this video (3 minutes in).

Here are some questions he suggests we consider:

  • What are your customer expectations (what do they value) now, and what will they be in the future?

  • How will your plans for digitalisation help them?

  • How can you make your customer’s life easier? 

  • How can you improve information-flow to make it easy for your team to perform at their best?

  • What is your capability now, and where would you like to be in 5 years time?

  • What systems will you need to ensure that information is handled effectively and efficiently? 

  • How will you make sure that both your people and your customers’ have the information they need - when they need it?


The supplier who can produce the highest quality, within the right timescale, and at the most competitive price, will win the most business. 


The Digital Transformation Checklist


So, when you think about how to implement digital solutions in your business, keep these checkpoints in mind:

  1. Will this change create value for my customer?

  2. Will it make my life easier?

  3. How will it affect the supplier base and its capabilities?

  4. Will it help us get where we want to be in 5 years?

The more touchpoints we can create with our customers, the more opportunities we have to make the process smoother for them. Tell them what they need to know. And make the entire process more efficient. Teppo adds, that by using digital processes and automated solutions in our own supply chains, we’re much more likely to stay ahead of competitors. 

You can watch Teppo's full video, here.

What digital solutions have helped you grow your business? How have they impacted on revenue?

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