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How To Sell To Both Sides Of The Brain

How To Sell To Both Sides Of The Brain
April 04, 2018

“Women are from Venus and men are from Mars.”


Well, isn't that what they say?


And if (like me) you’ve been married for any length of time, you’ll probably agree that they’re onto something.


Whether we like it or not, there are fundamental differences between the sexes. And negotiating those differences can put the skills of even the most practised communicators, to the test.


But there’s more bad news. (Especially for salespeople!)


Not only are we battling to connect with two different subspecies but we’re actually working with two entirely different brains - in every person.


Are you struggling to hit the sales figures you want - but not sure where you’re going wrong? This one’s for you! Because even the most polished sales pitch is going to fall flat if you’re not speaking to both sides of the brain.


Here’s how I learned this lesson, although I didn’t realise it at the time.


The Story of The Two Brains


Every customer has two brains - and they don’t always agree.


Salespeople: forget this at your own peril!


When we were first married, my wife Isabel and I were house-hunting. The mortgage rate in those days was 14%... yes, 14%!


Millennials - you are not hallucinating! Back then, the first rung on the housing ladder wasn’t reserved for the wealthy or extraordinarily successful - but that’s a topic for another day.


Perfect on Paper ("I Can’t Live Here!")


After a few weeks of searching, we found a house in the local newspaper that we both thought would suit us. On paper, it ticked all the boxes, so we made an appointment to view it that week.


On viewing day, we turned up outside the house, filled with anticipation. I was ready to get out of the car but Isabel hesitated.


“What’s up?” I asked.


“I can’t live here,” she blurted out.


“What? But you’re not even out the car yet! It’s a nice house and it’s in our price range. Just -”


But resistance was futile.


No matter how many good, logical reasons I came up with, I could not for the life of me convince my dear wife to budge from the car. Neither could she explain away her apparently irrational behaviour as we peered at the house from our kerbside hideout.


Exasperated, I gave up and we headed off to find a phone box (this was way before the days of mobile phones). I rang the sellers and made up some feeble excuse about why we would not be coming to view the house. And to tell you the truth, I was as perplexed as they were.

Isabel never could explain what was wrong with the lovely house, that she’d barely set eyes on. It was only much later in my sales career that it dawned on me what had happened.

You see, we all have two brains - a left brain and a right brain.


Preparing To Meet Both Brains in Your Sales Approach


L is for Logical

The left brain takes care of all the logical stuff. It’s analytical and good at the maths (results may vary). It thinks in straight lines.


R is for aRtistic

The right brain does amazing stuff too. But it’s more difficult for us to explain. The right brain is very visual, it makes leaps of insight, it creates dreams, it’s where emotion lies and it deals in metaphors and stories.


It’s the right brain that says thing like “I can’t live here.”

In business, the buyers we meet also have left and right brains. So, how do we cater to both?


Selling to Both Sides of the Brain


Before you meet with a buyer, be prepared to meet with both sides of their brain. This means having all your ducks in a row. Starting with:


  • The information about your company

  • Your product specifications

  • Your knowledge about the customer


In short, you need to have the cold, hard facts to satisfy the left brain.


At the same time, your pitch needs to be all singing and all dancing, if you want to win over that pesky right brain.


  • Use imagery to paint a picture in the customer’s mind

  • Tell stories to capture their imagination

  • Appeal to their sense of empathy

If you can sell to both sides, you can sell to anyone. Whether they hail from Venus, Mars - or their own world entirely.

Oh and we did (eventually) find a house which satisfied our four brains!


Struggling to sell your product or service? But not sure where you’re going wrong? Just like anything else, sales is a skill that can be learned, practised and perfected.

At Sales Coach Scot, our sales training packages can be tailored to include one-to-one sales training and group workshops, covering everything from selling for the ‘non-salesperson’ to advanced negotiation skills to help your team secure those big contracts. Get in touch today to book your first session.


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by Pete Burdass on 4 April 2018 01:17 PM 
Very enjoyable read Sandy.
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