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Why Insight Selling? With The Resource Investigator

Why Insight Selling? With The Resource Investigator
May 16, 2018

“Play to your strengths.”


Do you know what they are?


We are often told by mentors, in business and in life, to focus on what we do best. We’re encouraged to concentrate on the things that come naturally to us and not worry too much about our weaknesses.


If you’ve ever worked with a sales coach and business mentor, you might have identified your ‘personality type’ already.


I’m a ‘resource investigator’. Or so they tell me, anyway.


It certainly sounds impressive!


Who is the ‘Resource Investigator’?


I’m seen as someone who spends little time with his team but is constantly out meeting people, gathering information, finding interesting places and resources.


And I do think there’s something in it.


When my wife and I are on holiday, guess who gets sent away on the first day - to explore the local area and find out how to make the most of our trip?


(Yes, I do class the local pub as an investigation-worthy resource.)


Is There Such a Thing as a ‘New’ Selling Theory?


Over the years, I’ve come across a myriad of ‘new’ selling theories.


Everything from team selling, value selling, problem selling, and - believe it or not - mental conditioning selling.


That’s a lot of buzzwords. From a lot of ‘gurus’ and experts. Really, it’s no wonder sales gets a bad press.


But that’s not to say that I necessarily disagree with these ‘new’ sentiments.


The fact is, that most of the above are wrapping up the basics of selling, in shiny new jargon.


And amongst all the noise, occasionally, someone comes along to add some useful knowledge to the body of work that makes up ‘good’ selling.


What is Insight Selling?


It’s difficult to pin down the first person to coin the term ‘INSIGHT SELLING’ but I have found it to be a helpful concept particularly when thinking about B2B selling.


You can read Neil Rackham’s foreword to Mike Schultz and John E. Doerr’s 2014 book on the subject, here.


The Oxford English Dictionary describes ‘insight’ as:


"A penetrating & often sudden understanding; as of a complex situation or problem."


I had a business friend who once said,


"I'm not worried about what I know I don't know. What worries me is what I don't know what I don't know."


This is where Insight Selling comes in.


The Point About Insight Selling


In B2B selling, customers value a salesperson who can provide not just products and services - but also useful information. Clients want to meet people who care about their business enough to seek out and pass on knowledge, information and yes - insights.


Their business is often highly sought after, so they can afford to be picky - and they want to deal with salespeople who are prepared to go the extra mile.


How to Use Insight Selling in Your Business


It has never been easier to find content which is of value to your customers. That’s the upside to the noise that we’re all fighting to be heard over.


So, when you’re searching the web, reading books and browsing magazines - start to have one eye on what might be useful for the people you meet in your business life. And pass it on.


Being a great salesperson isn’t just about have a polished pitch and the right technique, anymore. There’s an increasing demand now, especially in B2B selling, for salespeople who can show a real understanding not only of the business they are selling to, but of current industry trends and even how these trends might evolve.


Great salespeople can immerse themselves in an industry, become known as an expert in their field and become the person their clients go to for advice.


This might sound daunting, but it’s something we’re all capable of, no matter what our level of sales training and expertise.


Keeping your clients in mind and being helpful, where you can be, is the best place to start. And we can all do that.


Want to dig deeper into Insight Selling? Schultz and Doerr have a fantastic free ebook on the subject, which you can access here Your Guide to Insight Selling Success.


At Sales Coach Scot we know that sales skills can be taught, learned and practised - just like any other skills you need to perfect to run a successful business. Our one-to-one sales training sessions and group selling skills workshops can be tailored to your team’s needs and your business growth goals.


Want to add a little ‘insight’ to your next conference or corporate event?


Sandy McCurdy has a wealth of experience in corporate sales and is now focused on passing on this knowledge to business owners and salespeople, across a range of industries. Book Sandy for your next corporate event and you’ll be delighted by a lively speaker with a captivating business background, who promises to entertain with a story (or two). Get in touch with Sandy to find out about our corporate event and conference packages.


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