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Sales & Team Leadership

There are unique challenges for sales team leaders who recruit, manage, motivate and develop their teams. Sales Coach Scot helps sales team leaders to develop an action plan to ensure their teams become high achieving and highly trained.

A bespoke training programme can be developed around the specific needs of the leader and the sales team. At the end of this programme, the sales team leader will have a clear idea of individual and team objectives and how to achieve success.

Sales Coach Scot is dedicated to helping businesses and organisations increase sales profitably through training and consultancy in:


We help businesses turn businesses objectives and plans into winning actions. With the help of Sales Coach Scot, clients develop long and medium term sales strategies which are aligned with overall business and marketing. READ MORE


“Failing to plan is planning to fail”. To ensure sales success Sales Coach Scot helps clients develop repeatable sales processes including, CRM systems and opportunity management. READ MORE


In sales, Knowledge is power. Sales Coach Scot helps clients to develop actionable knowledge of their business and products and the vital customer knowledge which wins sales. READ MORE


Sales Coach Scot are experts at training salespeople in a variety of selling skills. These include – objective setting, sales call planning, listening and communication skills, presentation skills and dealing with different buyer personalities READ MORE


Many businesses enter important meetings realising that they lack the skills to achieve successful outcomes. Sales Coach Scot can take the fear out of these meetings and preparing clients for important sales and contract negotiations. READ MORE